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Globus Group

Special Protection Officers

Specialized Protection Officers are trained to be used for the protection of VVIPs and top officers. They maintain a high level of physical fitness and undergo regular training programs, which are constantly reviewed and updated to effectively thwart threats from newer areas and in keeping up with existing threat perception.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection capabilities encompass home security systems, bodyguards, armoured vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions to ensure safety of Executives (and extended family members where appropriate).

Security Arrangement at Special Events
We take a balanced approach of effective, non-excessive, security measures against a realistic assessment of the likely threats to an event rather than adopt a “one size fits all” approach to event security. The security team operates according to a coordinated, customized security plan which accounts for the unique security threats at events. Our teams have been integral in security arrangements for several successful, secure events.

Event security has evolved over the past years with improvement in physical security protocols combined with technological advances. Our Specialists Event Security Management team come fully equipped with trained and licensed security officers and close protection officers recognised as among the best in the security industry. GLOBUS GROUP has a proven track record of managing events ranging from weddings to large-scale concerts and exhibitions.

Our special monitoring video surveillance technology specialist are capable of facial recognition and our high quality surveillance HD quality CCTV cameras are capable of capturing high-quality Graphic Resolutions. With the help of such tools, one can react faster when any incident captured and notice at the live event of a emergency crisis. Further, continuous monitoring and surveillance solutions help us identify threats, and immediate action can be initiated from the temporary control room at the first hint of trouble.

We take pride in securing top sports events like Champion's Trophy, IPL, World Cup, and Hockey League year after year, as well as globally-popular seasonal fests and concerts like Supersonic, Sunburn and others. We were also called upon to secure many prominent Bollywood celebrities as well as to ensure their personal security at large-scale Bollywood events like Screen Awards and Film fare Awards. 

Globus Group


GLOBUSGROUP'S comprehensive range of services include Security Consultancy, Advanced Training, Manned Guarding, Electronic Security, Investigations & Background Checks, Emergency Response Services, Alarm Monitoring & QRT (Quick Reaction Team), People Services, and Integrated Facility Management. GLOBUSGROUP'S innovative end-to-end services, backed by an uncompromising attitude to quality, have established the company as a trusted leader in the services realm.


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