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India ranked significantly higher in the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) for 2018 as the 8th most affected country in the world compared to China at the 23rd place, the United States at the 32nd place and UAE at 112th place. India also had one of the lowest police-to-people ratio in the world at 240 police personnel per Two lakh citizens in 2015 according to United Nations’ data. The government has been successful in keeping crime under control and maintaining law and order, especially in light of the fact that India is the world’s largest democracy. We believe that the private sector should also, on its part, support the administration and proactively ensure that peace of law and order are maintained.

 At GLOBUS GROUP, we counsel and prepare our customers with proven strategies to predict and protect themselves and their facilities from potential security threats. We develop customized operational protocols and procedures to counter threats based on proven expertise from Security Industry. We also help your security managers formulate protocols, procedures, training modules, services and deploy technology so you can develop completely independent risk management strategy for your enterprise. This prepares you to respond instantly and efficiently to any crisis.

GLOBUS GROUP offers high-end security and training consultancy to companies, be it for securing your infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, or large corporate parks. We bring to you best-in-class know-how and expertise from India.

We provide you with a comprehensive review of your enterprise's security arrangement and help you improve your existing security strategy. 


 At Globus Group, manpower is our most valuable asset that gives us the edge in our business and assurance to our customers. We don’t just recruit the best staff for our security services, but also constantly invest in enhancing their knowledge and skills by offering regular training and development programs.   

Constant Innovation

In an age where security breaches continue to harm organizations and individuals, we understand the importance of having well-trained, efficient and proactive security personnel who can mitigate your risks no matter what is the location, complexity or level. This is made possible by our training solutions that are constantly upgraded to match current needs and requirements of the security industry and our clients. We’re also constantly innovating in our range of services and training our team accordingly so that we can offer new and alternate solutions to our clients as they emerge.

Trained to Perfection

Globus Guarding has seven advanced training centres all around the country. All of our centres are headed by senior officers, who have a strong background in the defence forces. Their leadership and training skills give our candidates an opportunity to learn from the best and sharpen their knowledge of on-field requirements.
We have developed a full-fledged training calendar that incorporates all aspects of security. All our new recruits undergo a pre-induction training before their deployment. This gives them the required proficiency to manage their duties and responsibilities in an efficient manner .

The following aspects are covered in our training programs: 
Industrial security basics, Access control training for both, material and men, Handling and escorting visitors & VIP and VVIP Celebrities, Discipline and turnout, Managing the reception and telephone, Enhancing soft skills, Handling terror/ bomb threats ,Expertise in first-aid, fire-fighting and prevention, Unarmed combat, Evacuation drills, Contingency management, ERT /QRT management, crisis / Disaster management , Crowd management, Traffic management, UVS Management, walky-talky Operation and Control room monitoring, Sniffer dog handling.

Safety & Security Drill

We carry out mock safety and security drills on a regular basis. This helps us chart out newer plans to tackle emergencies by undertaking new initiatives in disaster management. All safety equipment are checked periodically, escape routes from the facility to the assembly points are timed and alertness of guards and officers are checked.



GLOBUSGROUP'S comprehensive range of services include Security Consultancy, Advanced Training, Manned Guarding, Electronic Security, Investigations & Background Checks, Emergency Response Services, Alarm Monitoring & QRT (Quick Reaction Team), People Services, and Integrated Facility Management. GLOBUSGROUP'S innovative end-to-end services, backed by an uncompromising attitude to quality, have established the company as a trusted leader in the services realm.


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